Delivering Exceptional Quality Real Estate Development

From mixed-use development to retail to office space, Maedwell has developed more than 40,000 square feet of space since its inception. Attention to detail, efficiency, economy and engineering innovations are among the hallmarks of all Maedwell projects. The firm’s unique talent in value engineering allows its partners to achieve their development goals on or below budget.

Currently we have several projects in different stages of development in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Art and Public Space

The arts are integrated throughout the Maedwell Companies properties and an unwavering support is what defines the company as a pillar of the community. We recognize that real change occurs when a neighborhood is pedestrian based, that is the Maedwell philosophy. We strive to add value to the public environment, by doing things that are bold and different and unlike anything ever done before.

At Maedwell, we look for the DNA of the neighborhood and build upon it.

Space + Experience = Place.


Real Estate Development

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